Neighbours: Ned keeps killer Cassius’s secret – but for how long?

Ben Hall teases confrontation with Hamish's killer


Neighbours fans are reeling from the revelation Cassius Grady murdered Hamish Roche, and that the gorgeous gardener was his secret son.


In today’s episode, Friday 24 August, Ned Willis confronted his pal with his suspicions he was hiding something leading Cassius to take him into his confidence – almost.


Cassius told Ned the mystery woman he found him with was not someone he’s cheating on Piper with, but his mother, Elissa. So far, so true, but the reason he claimed he wanted her presence to remain top secret being that she didn’t approve of the relationship and wants to keep them apart was only half-right – if the Brennans see Elissa they will recognise her as Hamish’s ex as Aaron tracked her down last year while investigating the con man, and then the trail could lead back to Cassius.

Now Ned has agreed to keep Cassius’s secret about his mum, who left Erinsborough (for now) at the end of episode. But with the web of deceit starting to unravel, how long before Ned discovers the extent of Cassius’s lies and how he’s duping his little sister who has no idea her ex Tyler Brennan is doing time for her current beau’s crime? Ben Hall, who plays the wily Mr Willis, tells us what’s in store.


What made Ned suspicious of Cassius?
He caught on to a few lies Cassius was telling Piper, but the guy is also helpful to Ned at times so he was conflicted. When Elissa turned up Ned thought he was being unfaithful so he confronted him.

Was Ned tempted to tell Piper about Elissa’s visit and Cassius’s secret behaviour?
Yes but Piper is very fragile at the moment so he wants to protect her from everything. Also if he’d jumped the gun and gone to Piper with his suspicions and he turned out to be wrong, that could’ve backfired and damaged their relationship.

If Ned knew the whole truth, how would he react?
Ned has a tendency to hold a grudge and a history of reacting violently, so the potential for confrontation is there. If it all comes out then it’s definitely not going to be pretty…

Could this unleash more of Ned’s dangerous side?
I hope so, I love playing that aspect as it makes the character more interesting. His motivation is protecting the family and keeping them safe but that could lead to drama, especially if he learns Piper’s been lied to by Cassius.


Ned’s relationship with Bea is hotting up, but is he really over Elly?
He’s let that go. That romance was fast and fiery and didn’t end particularly badly, but if Ned and Bea do become a couple it’s going to be uncomfortable and a bit weird that he dated her big sister! Also Elly has moved on with Mark now. The person Ned was really wrapped up in was Lauren, his stepmum.

Could Lauren come back to explore that relationship further?
Kate Kendall who plays her is also a director on the show, so it would be very easy to write her back in! Ned still has a bit of heartache there as his feelings for her were strong and he was confused. I think our producer would love to get Lauren, Brad or even Ned’s mum Beth in the show at some point, there’s certainly scope for that.

What has drawn Ned and Bea together?
Mutual pain – they’ve opened up to each other about shared experiences like falling out with their families and sleeping rough. It’s bonded them and led to their cosy night-time walks and it’s developed from there.

Do they make a good couple?
I think they’re a good match. Ned knows Bea has been through a lot having been manipulated and fooled by Finn and realises this needs to be a slow burn, she is very delicate right now. It’s definitely started off as a friendship but they will get closer as Bea also has her suspicions about Cassius, so it becomes a shared interest in protecting Piper.


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