Emmerdale: evil Bails turns Ryan against Charity?

"Ryan wants to know what Bails has to say and to understand both sides of the story," says actor James Moore


Predatory police officer Mark Bails will resurface in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale when he makes contact with his and Charity’s son Ryan Stocks. But why has he chosen this moment to reach out? As fans of the ITV soap know, Bails is currently suspended and awaiting trial following Charity’s allegations that he repeatedly raped and pimped her out to his mates while she was just a teenager.


DNA tests may have recently proven that Bails is indeed Ryan’s father, but the despicable DI has kept his distance thus far. All that will change next week when Charity receives a worrying call from Ryan’s adoptive mother Irene and rushes over to her house accompanied by Vanessa.

At Irene’s house, Charity and Vanessa burst in to find Bails insisting that all he wants to do is talk to Ryan. But an incandescent Charity doesn’t believe Bails and suspects him of wanting to scupper the court case.


“Charity is definitely alarmed by the sight of them together and worries that Bails could be putting ideas into Ryan’s head,” says actor James Moore, who plays Charity’s conflicted son. “She’s concerned about his safety, but Ryan is annoyed that everyone is interfering in what he believes is his own business.”

And it seems that Ryan is definitely curious about Bails’s intentions: “He wants to know what Bails has to say and to understand both sides of the story. And after realising that Bails has a family and a wife, Ryan’s perception is altered and he’s a bit more hesitant to believe Charity’s version of events.”


“Ryan is on a quest to gain this independent lifestyle and he wants to decide for himself. And that makes it all the more frustrating and tense to watch because the audience won’t want Ryan to side with Bails!”


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