EastEnders: Phil fires Keanu after making shock discovery about him and Sharon

But is Phil merely pushing the pair closer together?

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5766

Phil Mitchell will vent his anger at Arches employee Keanu Taylor in next week’s episodes of EastEnders. But will Phil’s firing of Keanu merely end up driving the young mechanic into the arms of Sharon? Viewers have already seen the pair grow close after Keanu came to Sharon’s aid and helped rescue her son Dennis from the clutches of a local gang. But when Phil finds out about the abduction attempt, he ends up raging at both Sharon and Dennis for keeping him in the dark.


In the run-up to the showdown, Phil will be seen taking Dennis out for the day, only for the nervy youngster to rush home after spying some of the gang members. His suspicions aroused, Phil later questions Keanu, but ends up being put in the picture by Karen, who lets slip some details when she returns Dennis’s mended jacket.

A furious Phil then storms home with Keanu in tow and demands to know why he wasn’t told the truth. With tempers fraying, Sharon admits that she concealed things from Phil because she didn’t want him kicking off. With Keanu standing up for Sharon, Phil goes apoplectic and dismisses Keanu.

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But when a guilty Sharon offers to fetch the Arches keys back from Keanu the next day, sparks start flying between the two of them. But just as the pair are about to get passionate, the moment is interrupted by an unsuspecting Karen, who returns home. Feeling conflicted, Sharon decides that she needs to tell someone about what’s been going on and ends up confiding in Linda that she’s been flirting with a mystery younger man.

Things look set to come to a head later that evening when Keanu – who has been left alone at the E20 by Jay – invites Sharon for a drink. But will she go home to her bruiser of a husband or opt to join the new man in herself?

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Fans wanting to know where the goes next need look no further than quotes from a show insider who recently told Inside Soap: “By the end of the next couple of months, Sharon and Keanu won’t be able to keep their hands off each other! Keanu must be a brave man, as Phil isn’t someone you want to mess with. The coupling is set to be quite scandalous – after all, not only is Sharon a married woman, but she’s a good two decades older than Keanu.

“It wasn’t all that long ago that Sharon was lecturing best mate Michelle about her affair with a younger lad, so poor Sharon will be forced to eat her words if news of this affair gets out on the Square.”


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