EastEnders: Stuart vows revenge on Mick – 5 ways he could ruin the Carters

Mick's best mate could turn out to be his worst enemy


EastEnders’ Mick Carter better watch his back following Stuart Highway’s sinister promise to take revenge on the king of the Queen Vic for shopping him to the police when his misguided predator hunt put an innocent man in hospital.


Sinister Stu’s pledge came tonight, Friday 29 June, when Mick insisted he record a video for his vigilante website clearing wrongly-accused Fred Lewis of being a paedophile, with viewers seeing Stuart’s state of mind take a turn for the terrifying as he hissed a pointed threat to Mick and his family in the clip.

Assuming Stuart doesn’t upload this rant to the internet for all to see, it appears a secret vendetta is kicking off in which he’ll target Mick, twisted by jealousy and blaming him for his issues as taking the fall for Mr Carter when they were kids landed him in prison where he was abused by a guard. So what could Stuart’s revenge plan involve?

Affair with Linda?
Stealing his beloved L would be the ultimate cruel move on Mick, but seeing as the sight of Stu makes Mrs C’s stomach turn he’s unlikely to have much joy tempting her into a fling. And as the Whitney incident proved, no one messes with the Carters’ marriage.

Kidnap Ollie?
It’s not just Mick that Stuart has in his sights, it’s the whole happy Carter clan – and that includes the kids. Actually it’s only Ollie who lives at home now, so could the toddler get caught up in the revenge crossfire? Perhaps kidnapped and held hostage somewhere by sick Stuart wanting to teach Mick a lesson? We’re seeing a stand-off on the roof of the Vic with armed police surrounding the gaff.


Burn down the Vic?
Talking of the Vic, if EastEnders are really going for it and turning Stuart into a fully-fledged lost-his-marbles Pat Phelan-style villain, how about he loses the plot so spectacularly he torches the family home with them and a whole load of punters trapped inside one night? Sounds like the stuff soap awards are made of.

Framing Mick?
This is surely the end game for Stuart: to have Michael end up behind bars for something that wasn’t his fault just like Mr H found himself all those years ago when he covered for his bestie. With this storyline already tackling very dark territory, what if Stuart got so intent on getting Mick out of the picture he set him up to make him look like one of the predators he hunts to tarnish his name and get him in trouble with the law? If that’s too harsh he could easily goad him into an assault charge by ensuring one of their numerous fisticuff tiffs gets out of hand.

Killing Tina?
The recent summer trailer implied Mick’s sister/auntie Tina knows something about Stuart’s past, claiming “He is evil…” Having been away from the Square for a few months, Teen returns and reels to see this face from her family’s past which sends her into a panic – what is Stuart hiding, how does Tina know about it, and to what lengths will he go to in order to silence Mick’s relative?


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