EastEnders: Stuart reveals abuse secret and fights with Mick – here’s what happens next

Trauma in Stuart's past has led to him becoming a paedophile hunter

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Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) has lashed out in tonight’s EastEnders after being tricked and goaded by best friend Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ). But will the Queen Vic landlord now end up fully committing to joining his mate on his mission to hunt and expose sexual predators?


Tonight’s hour-long episode saw Stuart reveal why he’s decided to become a paedophile hunter when he told Mick that he was abused by a guard in juvenile prison. Knowing that Stuart was serving time after taking the rap for a crime he committed, a horrified Mick then compelled to help Stuart.

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But before they sent out on their mission to confront a predator, Mick made it plain that he would only aid Stuart if they then tracked down the guard who attacked him. Agreeing to the terms, Stuart instructed Mick to confront their prey, only for the man in question to turn out to be Stuart’s accomplice Tommy. Realising he’d been set up, Mick stormed off and eventually came to blows with Stuart.

However, what Stuart wanted to see from Mick was evidence that he had the guts to confront the paedophiles he was was pursuing. Stuart even saw the positives in the punch he’d received, telling Mick that he was finally channelling the darkness that he knew lay within him.

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The big question now is whether Mick still feels a need to assuage the guilt he feels about the abuse Stuart endured as a teenager. Is he still set to join his childhood friend on his crusade? Scenes to be shown this Friday will see Stuart turn up at the Queen Vic once again and recruit his brother Halfway to accompany him on a predator meeting, but Mick soon talks Halfway out of going.

Later, Mick catches him trying to sneak out to meet Stuart, but Halfway snaps, telling the landlord that he can’t let his brother down. But will Mick decide to go along too in order to protect Halfway? Or will he take decisive action in order to ensure that the paedophile showdown doesn’t go ahead?


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