EastEnders exit: Lee Ryan leaves as Woody is revealed to be the E20 thief

The soap's latest 'Who's got the money?' mystery is solved

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EastEnders has shown Lee Ryan’s final scenes, with his character Harry ‘Woody’ Woodward forced to leave Walford in disgrace after being exposed as the thief who stole £15,000 from the E20 club.


In the run-up to Woody being unmasked, Mel was seen preparing to move out, only for Jack to make a last-ditch attempt to find out who swiped the missing cash.  Aware that Mo was hiding something, Jack followed the canny old wheeler dealer and spotted her picking a bag out of some bins.

Cornering her, Jack demanded that she hand over what she’d retrieved or he’d go to the police. However, when they opened the bag, the pair found it was full of tissues and hardly any banknotes. A furious Mo was then seen confessing that it was Woody who was behind the robbery, a revelation that sent Jack racing to the Tube to catch the light-fingered bar manager before he legged it.

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After being busted by Mr Branning, Woody begged him to go halves. But Jack was having none of it and took back the cash-filled holdall, leaving Woody with no choice but to ask him to send his apologies as he left empty handed.

As news broke of Woody’s guilt, Mel was given her old job back by Phil (much to the annoyance of Sharon) and even appeared set to finally make a go of a relationship with Jack. So, all’s well that ends well – except for Woody, who’s gone from lovable cheeky chappie to rotten, cheating scoundrel in the space of just over a year…


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