Emmerdale: Amelia runs away after finding out Dan is not her father

The bombshell that Daz is the daddy drove the girl to do a runner - but no one knows she's gone…


Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer has run away following the shock discovery Dan is not her real dad, and that uncle Daz is her biological father.


The revelation came in tonight’s dramatic episode when Amelia watched footage filmed for her vlog, which unintentionally captured Dan and partner Kerry Wyatt discussing the paternity secret they had managed to keep from the girl that Dan’s brother Daz had slept with his late ex Ali years ago, and a recent DNA test proved Daz’s niece was actually his daughter.

Dan and Kerry returned home to find Amelia listening to Dan confirming he wasn’t her father, and all hell broke loose among the Spencers as Daz and girlfriend Bernice Blackstock showed up sparking a fight between the brothers that spilled outside, with Daz punching his sibling and Dan threatening to run his relative over in his van.

Hysterical Amelia demanded the row ceased, and took Dan to task for his angry outburst before heading back into the house and storming upstairs to her bedroom.

As Dan and Daz calmed down and tried to tentatively reach a truce, with Dan forcing his brother to accept he can be a part of Amelia’s life but will never be anything other than her uncle, Daz agreed to leave the village for a few days to give everyone some space to digest the bombshell.

Kerry and Dan worried about the impact on emotional Amelia but decided to leave her alone so she could get her head around the life-changing news – she’d open up when she was good and ready.

However, the final scene showed an empty bedroom and an open window – Amelia has run away… Where has she gone? How long until anyone realises she’s missing? Has she done something rash? Is she in danger? Can the Spencers take any more misery?


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