Emmerdale: Chas told her baby will die – but doesn’t tell Paddy… Here’s what happens next

Pregnant Chas can't cope with the tragic news


Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle was given the shattering news at her baby scan that her unborn child will not survive to full-term due to underdeveloped organs, but is lying to partner Paddy Kirk that everything is fine with the pregnancy.


With Paddy held up on a trip to Scotland with best friend Marlon hoping to book his fiancee’s dream wedding, he was unable to accompany Chas to her scan – which she’d actually got the wrong date for, thinking it was tomorrow – so she attended solo.

As the sonographer revealed Chas was expecting a girl, she spotted something concerning and fetched a colleague to clarify, who confirmed fears something was seriously wrong with the baby.

Doctors explained to Chas her daughter has a condition called bilateral renal agenesis, which means the baby’s kidneys and bladder have failed to develop. This leads to an absence of amniotic fluid so the lungs also fail to develop properly – meaning the baby cannot survive.

Struggling to process the bombshell, Chas was told there was no cure and nothing more could be done, other than regular monitoring, but when Paddy eventually got hold of her on the phone after the appointment she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the tragic truth and lied the scan showed up no problems.


Later reunited at the Woolpack, apologetic Paddy was full of remorse for missing the scan and pledged never to let Chas and their baby down again, while the locals jumped for joy at the news – unaware the enormous secret Chas is hiding.

A Chas snatched a quiet moment alone in the backroom of the pub and break down in tears, viewers were left wondering how long she’ll keep this to herself. Next week the pregnant publican prays doctors have misdiagnosed the condition, and struggles to keep her cool as Paddy excitedly discusses the baby and the nursery is painted.

When Paddy suggest they arrange a 4D scan, what will Chas do?


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