Coronation Street: Sally and Tim are leaving Weatherfield!

The couple decide it's the only way to keep Faye safe from Phelan…

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Coronation Street’s Sally and Tim Metcalfe make the shock announcement next week they are moving away from Weatherfield in a bid to protect Tim’s daughter Faye Windass.


Tim has been adamant since his daughter’s adoptive mother Anna was jailed for assaulting Seb Franklin that Pat Phelan’s wicked vendetta is putting Faye at risk and begged wife Sal to up sticks and take the teen to make a fresh start elsewhere.

Sally struggles with the decision, not wanting to abandon her own family (and her responsibilities as Mayor of Weatherfield, of course), but fears if she doesn’t go along with Tim’s plan their marriage is all but over.

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It’s crunch time next Monday when the Metcalfes must reach an agreement, and Sally is soon breaking the news to daughters Rosie and Sophie that she, Tim and Faye plan to bid farewell to Weatherfield.

As Phelan sits smugly on the other side of the street, little do the Metcalfes realise that Faye’s brother Gary and Pat’s daughter Nicola Rubinstein are playing a long game to expose Phelan’s crimes and prove not only that he framed Anna, but he also murdered Luke Britton.

Will Gary and Nicola’s plan come to fruition before Tim and Sal have to leave the cobbles behind? And is Sally really ready to go?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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