Coronation Street: Eva discovers Billy’s painkiller addiction secret

Can she help her friend ditch the drugs or is it too late?

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Coronation Street’s Billy Mayhew has been in the grip of a secret painkiller addiction as she struggles to cope with his injuries following his violent encounter with Peter Barlow at Christmas that saw him plummet off a cliff and almost die.


However, the vicar is unaware that vengeful Adam Barlow has been sneakily substituting his pills for placebos as revenge for Billy’s involvement in the death of Adam’s mum Susan in a car crash 17 years ago.

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Desperate for a fix, things get dark for Billy next week when he steals medication from his friend Izzy Armstrong out of her bag, only to then put them in the washing machine by accident. Begging ‘friend’ Adam for more heavy-duty tablets, the Barlow bad boy is only too pleased to pretend to help the holy man while secretly fuelling his addiction – and increasing his physical agony.

On Wednesday, Eva Price and Eileen Grimshaw are horrified to find Billy unconscious in the flat and when she finds a bottle of dodgy-looking painkillers, Eva suspects Adam is behind it…

Billy eventually wakes up and is in bits as he finally confesses to his friends how reliant he has become on the painkillers to cope with his injuries, especially since boyfriend Todd Grimshaw abandoned him leaving Mr Mayhew as a single parent to foster daughter Summer Spellman.

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Eva promises to help Billy get better, but soon realises she’s out of her depth as withdrawal symptoms kick in. Not wanting Summer to see him in such a state, Bill begs Eva to keep the schoolgirl away as he goes cold turkey.

Meanwhile, Eva has her own dramas as she continues her elaborate cover-up with Toyah Battersby to pass off the baby she’s carrying as Toyah’s surrogate’s, which involves Eva disappearing for a while as her bump gets bigger.

When she lies to boyfriend Adam she’s going to America on a beauty course for four months, he insists on joining her so Eva has to think on her feet to stop him. Taking this as rejection, the romance hits the rocks – will Eva regret her and Toyah’s plan if it wrecks her romance with Adam?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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