Hollyoaks: Luke’s secret son Oliver arrives during his wedding to Mandy

“He hates his dad's guts!” teases newcomer Aedan Duckworth


There’s no happy ever after for newlyweds Luke Morgan and Mandy Richardson in Hollyoaks tonight on E4, as their marriage is merely minutes old before the groom’s secret teenage son storms the reception and attacks his dad!


Having finally tracked down his estranged wife Scarlett to beg for a divorce so he can marry Mandy without committing bigamy, Luke offers his ex £500 when she demands cash to destroy their marriage certificate.

Disgusted at the paltry amount, spiteful Scarlett leaves Luke hanging as to whether she’ll ruin his big day or not…


Meanwhile, Darren Osborne urges Luke to tell Mandy he’s already married, but as the bride arrives Mr Morgan is swept up in the moment and the couple tie the knot.

During speech at the reception about how happy he is to finally be married to his childhood sweetheart, a teenage boy bursts in and pushes Luke to the ground before announcing he is his long-lost son Oliver!

Newcomer Aedan Duckworth gives his first full interview on his new role, and teases what’s ahead for his character.


How do you feel about joining the cast of Hollyoaks?

I’m absolutely chuffed I’ve been given this opportunity, it’s fabulous! I’m only 15 and am working with amazing people. I’ve only just left high school and to be getting a full-time acting job is just unbelievable. All my mates are chuffed for me and all my family are proud.

What can you tell us about Oliver?

He’s 14, a cheeky chap, a bit cocky and good at football. Oliver is always right and is spoilt by my mum. And he arrives with a bang!


Are you enjoying working with your screen parents, Gary Lucy and Susie Amy?

They are brilliant! Gary’s literally like a dad in and out of filming and gives me advice. He says do what he says and not what he does, which is very good. It’s so good being able to learn off such good actors.

What can you tease about Oliver’s future in Hollyoaks?

Oliver arrives in the middle of Luke and Mandy’s wedding, he bursts in and reveals to everyone that Luke is his father. In Oliver’s head, his dad left him and his mum years ago, so the initial thing for Oliver is trying to build a relationship with Luke. Although at first Oliver absolutely hates Luke’s guts because of what he knows about his problems with alcohol.


How did you find coming in with such intense and emotional scenes from the start?

It was so good, I’d rather get chucked in the deep end straight away so I know what I have to do from the get go, instead of just doing a little scene. It was hard initially, but I’d say now I’m as comfortable as I can be which is brilliant, as it will definitely help me in the long run.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.