Emmerdale: Joe has reason to fear Graham, reveals Ned Porteous

The NTA nominee teases the future for the Tate tyrant


Few new characters have made as big an impact in soap in the last 12 months than Emmerdale’s Joe Tate, so it’s no wonder actor Ned Porteous has been shortlisted as Best Newcomer in this year’s National Television Awards. Introduced in the autumn as enigmatic entrepreneur Tom Waterhouse, there was an air of mystery around the millionaire from the start – until Tom was revealed to be a pseudonym covering his true identity.


Joseph Tate, long-lost son of the late Chris, left Emmerdale aged 10 and had spent the intervening years plotting revenge against the Dingles, blaming ex-stepmum Charity for his father’s death. As his sick agenda was exposed, Joe has become the biggest villain the village has seen in years.

Recent focus has fallen on his complex relationship with business partner and father figure Graham Foster, who showed his own dark side last night by turning against his employer, and there’s more revealed about his past tonight. RadioTimes.com chatted to Porteous about his NTA hopes, and what’s in store for Joe in the coming weeks.

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How does it feel to be shortlisted for an NTA?

It’s such an honour and a bit overwhelming. I didn’t expect it as I’d only been iin the show a short time when the nominations came out so it was a surprise to say the least.

What’s been the public reaction since the Joe Tate twist?

I was a bit worried as I’d been warned the public might not like me very much because of how nasty the character is! Some of the cast warned me to be careful walking down the streets of Leeds in case I have a few bottles thrown at my head…

Has that happened?

Thankfully no! The response has been lovely, everyone was getting a bit bored of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ storyline and seem to be really digging the Joe twist.

Do you think fans love to hate Joe?

Everyone loves a baddie and to see a bit of drama and crazy behaviour, you don’t want a perfect serene village do you? Fans also love the fact there’s a Tate back on the hill now. We’re really happy with the response, it’s amazing.

Are Joe and Debbie really over?

Never say never. Joe admires Debbie in terms of her strength and determination, whether there’s still a romantic attachment we’ll just have to keep watching…

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Would you like them to be a couple again?

To have a chance to work more with Charley Webb would be great, but in terms of the plot I’m not sure. Playing Charley’s enemy is just as playing her friend, so I’m happy either way!

Is there another love interest for Joe on the horizon?

I don’t think his love life is at the forefront of Joe’s mind right now, romantic engagements are not his main prerogative!

Will we learn more about Graham and Joe’s history?

Yes, there’s a lot more to come. There are many layers between them, they have known each other so long it surpasses just being a business relationship. There’s a paternal instinct from Graham towards Joe, he’s the closest thing he has to family. Going forward they’ll argue, they’ll make up, they’ll fight – it’ll definitely be awesome to watch.

Should Joe be scared of Graham? He could be the one to bring him down…

Graham is to be equally feared and respected. Joe knows him very well and what he’s capable of, but they also mean a lot to each other. As much as they fight they will ultimately want to stick together, but the issue will be their contrasting views on how things should be done. Graham is a moral compass for Joe, he doesn’t always agree with the way Joe goes about doing things. But they are indebted to each other in various ways, which will come out soon…


Joe is attacked in the woods next week, is he a marked man in the village?

If anyone were to do what Joe did last night he’s obviously going to rub a lot of people up the wrong way and single himself out. And Joe only has Graham on his side so if he annoys him he’s making himself vulnerable. He should be careful who he upsets.

Does he have a more vulnerable side?

We’ll see more of that, not so much the powerful millionaire on the hill causing damage. It will be interesting for the public to see Joe on the backfoot and not so much in control and being the puppet master of the situation.

Who’s the biggest threat to his future plans?

Any one of them to be honest! Emmerdale is such a tight-knit community they all have each others’ backs. Any new character coming in and annoying them means everyone should be feared!

Is he scared of what Debbie and Cain might do to him?

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t particularly want Debbie or Cain Dingle on my bad side…


What other characters will Joe get involved with?

He’s entwined with the majority of the main cast, particularly the Dingles and of course Graham, but there’s also a storyline coming up with Jimmy King. That’s all I can say!

Why does Emmerdale deserve to win Best Serial drama for a second year?

I’ve never worked for a company more hard working and dedicated to producing a really good show. Every single person in front of or behind the camera loves their job so much.

How does it compare to being on EastEnders?

It’s tricky to compare them as I was only in EastEnders for, comparatively, a bit of a blip so didn’t get the full idea of what it was like. I had an amazing time and had done bits and bobs for the BBC before and it was still just as fun. So it’s the same but different!

The National TV Awards is on ITV on Tuesday 23 January at 7.30pm. Click here to vote.

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