Hollyoaks: Sienna and Joel kiss – Anna Passey tells us what happens next!

“There is something innocent and lovely about it,” reveals the actress


There’s a kiss under the mistletoe in Hollyoaks this Christmas between Sienna Blake and Joel Dexter.


The somewhat inevitable smooch occurs as Ms Blake’s sort-of-son-in-law (she was engaged to his father, Warren Fox, who has done a runner with one of their twin babies) continues to support the new mum through her cancer battle.

Suffering from a chest infection, Sienna is forced to give her son Sebastian to family friend Maxine Donovan to look after for the sake of his health. Struggling to be apart from her child, Sienna ends up locking lips with Joel and he becomes more than just a shoulder to cry on as she shaves her hair off as part of her treatment…

Is this the start of a hot new romance? Let’s ask Anna Passey, aka Sienna herself!


How do Sienna and Joel reach the point where they’re kissing?

This week we see Sienna at a really low point, struggling with her cancer and chemotherapy and still reeling with the loss of Sophie, so she needs some serious support. Joel offers this to her and we see the two of them getting really close. He is there for her and feelings start to grow. And that’s how we get to see a little kiss…

Do you think Sienna and Joel could ever be in a relationship?

It’s obviously tricky due to Sienna’s history with Warren, his dad, but we see a really sweet relationship forming between the pair, growing out of their obvious friendship. There is something really innocent and lovely about it, so who knows.


Joel still cares for his ex, Cleo McQueen, do you think Sienna is just a distraction?

Joel obviously has feelings for Cleo, but I don’t think he is using Sienna as a distraction. I think he genuinely wants to support her and it grows out of that closeness.

Is Sienna threatened by Cleo?

Of course. She thinks Joel is supposed to be with Cleo and encourages him to try and work things out with her, but obviously she has developed feelings for him and a bit of a dependency on him, so it is hard for her to stand aside. But we do see her try to put his happiness first!


There is a very emotional scene this week where Sienna loses her hair –can you tell us what it was like to film?

Very emotional. I have had a lot of support and people have been very generous with their real life stories revolving around chemotherapy and hair loss, so I hope we captured the feelings well. I felt incredibly sad for Sienna in these moments.

It’s been a hard time for Sienna with her cancer, have you found the scenes difficult?

I just hope we are doing a good job of capturing moments and of telling an important story. It’s just one story, but I hope it does some good.


Hollyoaks continues on Friday 22 December on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6pm, then returns from Wednesday 27 December on E4 at 7pm, and Channel 4 at 6.30pm.