Emmerdale: has Robert Sugden just been killed off for Christmas?

Friday's episode of the ITV soap ended with a whopping cliffhanger


What just happened to Robert Sugden? It’s the big question Emmerdale fans will be asking tonight after he was seen walking drunkenly along a dark country road, only to seemingly then be hit by an oncoming vehicle.


Robert had spent the previous half hour getting plastered in the Woolpack pub and trying to engineer a reconciliation with on-off partner Aaron, but having his advances spurned.

After drowning his sorrows, Robert then ventured out alone along an ill-lit lane, with the Friday cliffhanger coming courtesy of the sound of screeching breaks and what appeared to be a loud smash-up.


Viewers will now have to wait until Christmas Day to discover Robert’s fate, although actor Ryan Hawley has teased that the one-hour special will see his character waking up in a series of different, disorienting scenarios that will leave him questioning what’s real and what’s not.

Said the Emmerdale star: “Robert’s Christmas Day episode is very different – stylistically, it’s all a bit surreal. There are three acts, with a conclusion that’s based on what Robert has learnt throughout the course of the episode.

“There are a lot of elements that people might recognise from the likes of Groundhog Day and A Christmas Carol. I’m really hoping that the audience enjoys the situations that Robert finds himself in.”

But is Robert still in the land of living? Hovering between life and death? Or stuck in soap purgatory? There are only a few days to go until we find out…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas and New Year on Emmerdale below


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