Emmerdale: Robert in big danger after making more enemies

Will Mr Sugden make it through to Christmas?


Robert Sugden looks to be putting his life on the line (again!) in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale after alienating everyone in sight.


Scenes to be shown in the run-up to Christmas see Robert trying to give Seb’s Christmas gifts to Lawrence, only to get a hostile reaction from the Whites.

What Robert doesn’t know, though, is that Chrissie is actually planning to sneak both Rebecca and Seb back into Home Farm for Christmas.


Later on, Robert will be seen watching with jealousy as Aaron and Alex spend time together in the pub. The downcast Mr Sugden then ends up making a fool of himself when he insults Alex in a bid to win Aaron back.

After being rejected, Robert stumbles out of the Woolpack with a bottle of whisky. But while drunkenly walking along a country road, he looks set to put himself in danger. Will the duplicitous Robert make it through to Christmas in one piece? Or is it game over for the scheming so and so?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s drama on Emmerdale below


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