Emmerdale Christmas Day episode is NOT about Robert and Aaron reuniting, says Danny Miller

Don't get your hopes up, #Robron fans


Sorry to have to break this to you #Robron fans, but Emmerdale’s Christmas Day episode won’t offer a happy ever after for Robert and Aaron.


“It’s about tying up the loose ends of ‘Robron’ – working out their future and their past. But it’s not about them getting back together,” actor Danny Miller – who plays Aaron on the ITV soap – told TV Times.

Series producer Iain MacLeod has already revealed that this year’s festive instalment will have a surreal edge, noting: “We have a massive Christmas Day episode that’s a mixture of Groundhog Day and A Christmas Carol.

“It’s slightly nightmarish but also really funny. Essentially, it’s Robert’s episode, with Aaron playing a major part in it too.

“It’s a turning point in their relationship, but the audience shouldn’t make assumptions about where things go from there.”


Adding his thoughts, Miller has now said: “It’s a very unusual concept. Iain likes to push boundaries in the way stories are told and the way episodes look.

“When I read the script, it was kind of baffling, but at the end of it, everything that needs answering about ‘Robron’ is answered. It’s unusual, but it’s very clever at the same time.”

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