Emmerdale: Robert Sugden’s scam is revealed – how will Chrissie and Lawrence react?

And will Robert have the last laugh when he springs another surprise?


Robert’s Sugden’s scheming will be exposed on next week’s Emmerdale when Chrissie confronts him about his plan to take over Home Farm.


Having finally worked out that dummy company Rug Tree Bonds is an anagram of Robert Sugden (we’d hate to see how long it would take her to crack a Countdown conundrum, by the way), Chrissie demands answers from her ex-husband, who claims that he’s a changed man.


Despite Robert’s insistence that he wants to be a good father to son Seb, Chrissie can’t forgive him and kicks him out, promising to kill him if Lachlan – who has recently gone missing – is dead.

The next day, Chrissie witnesses Lawrence talking intimately with Robert and can’t believe her eyes. Pretty soon, the penny drops and Chrissie and Rebecca both realise that Robert has seduced their father.


Later, when Lawrence arrives home and witnesses Chrissie and Rebecca looking utterly betrayed, he’s forced to admit to having slept with Robert (or so he thinks). But by the week’s end, Robert has revealed another bombshell which pulls the rug out from under Lawrence.

Just how will the White family patriarch react to this latest shock?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below


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