EastEnders: Jane leaves a desperate message for Ian – as she’s forced to exit Walford

Will Max be exposed?

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Jane Beale (Laurie Brett) has been driven out of Walford in tonight’s EastEnders thanks to the machinations of machiavellian Max Branning (Jake Wood).


Beleaguered Jane ended up splitting from an unusually sanguine Ian (Adam Woodyatt) before departing in a taxi, with Max monitoring her every move to ensure she left town.

But as the cab pulled away, Jane left a tearful voicemail message on Ian’s mobile, confessing that she was still in love with him and that she’d exited because they’d been under surveillance.

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Panicking, Jane revealed that she didn’t know who she could trust, but omitted to mention that it was Max who’d been piling on the pressure prior to her going.

As fans know, a vengeful Max is actually having his own strings pulled by James Willmott-Brown, who was seen earlier this week demanding that Ian be kept on the Square because he was a useful pawn in his masterplan.

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The full details of Willmott-Brown’s scheme have yet to be revealed, but his companies Weyland & Co and Grafton Hill appear determined to buy up all the local businesses – their latest ploy being to evict the Carters from the Queen Vic pub.

With Jane having realised that Max had betrayed all his friends and neighbours, it was obviously too much of a risk to let her stay in the area.

And with threats being made against her family, Jane ended up feeling that she had no choice but to back off. But now that she’s said her goodbyes, might she bide her time and return one day to expose Max’s evildoing?

After all, Jane appears to have every intention of telling Ian further details of what she’s learned. Let’s hope he checks his messages soon…

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