Emmerdale: Finn Barton flatlines – as Adam is arrested for attempted murder

Will Adam take the rap should Finn die?

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It’s not looking good for Emmerdale’s Finn Barton tonight after he flatlined in hospital.


Finn’s vital signs crashed in the final seconds of tonight’s episode as distraught brothers Ross and Pete looked on.

Fans will now have to wait until tomorrow at 7.00pm to discover whether he pulls through or dies from his injuries.

As viewers have seen this week, Finn took a shotgun blast to the abdomen after Emma accidentally shot him under cover of darkness in woodland.

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Wednesday’s episode saw a bloodied Finn struggle to his feet, stumble out of the wood and attract the attention of a passing car that just happened to be being driven by Cain.

Finn was then rushed to Hotton General, which then became the scene of a shock arrest after Adam was taken in for questioning on suspicion of attempted murder, having been seen with the gun at the time of the shooting.

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With Adam protesting his innocence, the investigating officers have yet to work out that Emma was actually the one responsible.

As for the whereabouts of the increasingly deranged Emma, she’s also prowling around the hospital was last seen snatching Moira’s baby, believing herself to be the newborn’s grandmother.

But will Emma really decide to kidnap the infant? Or will she realise that Finn appears to be on the brink of death in a nearby ward?

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