Hollyoaks: will killer Harry and crafty James frame DS Armstrong for Amy’s murder?

The creepy cop could pay the price for his sinister stalking after all...


Hollyoaks’ trial week kept the curveballs coming as tonight’s episode suggested Amy Barnes’s killer Harry Thompson could team up with crooked lawyer James Nightingale to frame someone else for the murder – ensuring Ste Hay’s freedom and avoiding a prison sentence for the real culprit.


Tonight’s roller coaster E4 instalment picked up directly from yesterday’s killer reveal that Harry Thompson murdered his fiance’s ex almost six months ago. A flashback to the night in question showed that it had been a tragic accident: Harry had confronted Amy over her plan to take Ste’s kids Leah and Lucas to live in America and the argument got aggressive when angry Harry lashed out and pushed Ms Barnes to the floor.

Panicking, he fled the scene but insisted to Ste she was still alive when he left – it was only later he realised he’d caused her death. By that time the terrified Thompson teen was too scared to come forward and admit what he’d done, and had kept the events of Amy’s last hours to himself all this time.

In self-preservation mode Harry even disposed of his blood-stained trainers – little did he know James Nightingale clocked his behaviour at the time and had deduced all along it was him, but chose to protect the guilty lad and instead sabotage arch-rival Ste’s case as revenge for him stealing John Paul McQueen from him.

Tonight, seething Ste railed at his lover for letting him rot in prison for his crime, but then came to the heartbreaking realisation that he had been the one to push Harry into this awful accidental killing just by virtue of being involved in his car crash of a life.

Blaming himself for ruining Harry just like he did Amy by subjecting her to domestic abuse in the early days of their relationship, tearful Ste explained he was prepared to take the blame to prevent himself from destroying the life of yet another person he cares about.

Horrified Harry insisted he confess to his crime so Leah and Lucas didn’t grow up without a father, prompting frantic Ste to call James to try and stop him – knowing the shifty lawyer also wants to protect Mr Thompson from a prison sentence whatever the cost.


As James caught up with Harry on the verge of coming clean to the cops, he begged him to see that Amy’s death was an accident and he didn’t deserve to be banged up – then hinted there could be a way of getting Ste off without Harry having to own up to anything… By framing someone else for Amy’s murder!

The most likely culprit in the line-up of suspects has to be disgraced DS Gavin Armstrong, who had been stalking Amy and who also subjected Leela Lomax and Cindy Cunningham to a creepy campaign of unwanted attention.

But what about Amy’s widower, Ryan Knight? James has previously clashed with the copper and could easily stitch him up as he can prove he tampered with evidence to convict Ste.

With two episodes of ‘trial week’ still to go on E4, fans will have to wait and see who James plans to frame – as well as the verdict in Ste’s trial and whether Harry will ultimately decide to expose himself as Amy’s killer…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.