EastEnders: Phil Mitchell killed Jay Brown’s father – but was Jase Dyer actually not his dad after all?

Jay's life is about to be turned upside down...

EastEnders Jase Dyer

EastEnders ended on a double bombshell tonight when Phil Mitchell revealed to Jay Brown he killed his father – who may not be the late Jase Dyer after all.


The confession comes after the Mitchell patriarch was forced to explain why he’d left the valuable car lot land to his surrogate son, rather than his biological children, Ben and Louise.

Obviously Phil is trying to assuage the guilt he’s been carrying around all these years, and the confession is so tumultuous EastEnders have deemed it worthy of a two-hander episode featuring just Phil and Jay which airs on Monday. But there’s a lot that needs to be explained…

Phil torched the car lot in 1994 for the insurance, unwittingly killing a homeless man in the process. At tonight’s doof-doofs, raging Mr Mitchell screamed at Jay it was in the car lot fire where he killed his dad – but Jay’s dad was Jase Dyer, who died in 2008. Or so we thought…

Speaking about what’s in store for next week, Jamie Borthwick (aka Jay) teased “Viewers are going to be shocked about what Jay learns. It’s quite unexpected and out of the box and a huge shock for Jay’s life that leaves a big mark on him…”

EastEnders 2-hander Jay and Phil
Jay and Phil’s 2-hander

To get fully up to speed with the long-dead Jase, the man Jay has spent his whole life believing is his dad, it might be worth having a quick reminder about a character some viewers may have forgotten about before we get a full explanation of Phil’s confession. How much do you remember?

Who was he?

Mancunian hard man Jase, played by Stephen Lord, arrived in Walford in the summer of 2007 looking for his teenage son Jay, from whom he’d been estranged. Jay had been introduced six months earlier as the orphaned grandson of long-forgotten Bert Atkinson, who left shortly after Jase arrived.

How long was he in it?

Jase’s time on the show was fairly brief, notching up just over a year before his violent exit – he was killed off in August 2008.

What was he like?

He was a bad boy with a gangster past and a glint in his eye. There’d been scant contact with Jay having been apart from his ex, Jay’s mum Karen, for most of the boy’s life up until Karen died of cancer when Jay was 14. There were romantic liaisons with Roxy Mitchell and Dawn Swann.

What was his relationship with Jay like?

After a bumpy start it was eventually pretty good. Jase had a lot of ground to make up having been in prison for most of Jay’s childhood.

EastEnders Jase Dyer and Terry Bates
EastEnders Jase Dyer and Terry Bates

Where did it all go wrong?

Naughty Jase was lured back into a life of crime with gang leader Terry Bates who had been a father figure to Jase as a lad. Torn between his debt to Bates and wanting to be a good dad to Jay, Mr Dyer ditched his old ‘mates’ who then raided the Queen Vic and beat him up to teach him a lesson, with a then heavily-pregnant Honey Mitchell caught in the crossfire. Jase swore revenge on Bates and his mob.

Did he have much to do with Phil Mitchell?

Phil stopped Jase from killing Terry and ending up back in prison and got the gang arrested, then forced Jase to be his little helper by way of repaying the debt.

So that was that?

Not quite. A few months later Jase was back working for Bates and getting himself into all sorts of scrapes, which threatened his future with fiancée Dawn and her baby girl Summer. But his involvement with Terry the terror would prove to be his undoing…

What was his exit storyline?

Violent, for a start. Planning to rob Terry of £100k and flee Walford, Jase enlisted Billy Mitchell’s help and they agreed to split the cash – but Tel had set Jase up and his gang went after Jay. Jase and Billy managed to save Jay, but Jase was brutally beaten to a pulp by the mob before Bates fatally stabbed him. Terrified Billy hid in the bathroom and left Jase to his fate…

So is Jase not actually Jay’s dad?

Honestly? We’re not sure. There are twists and turns promised to be revealed in the two-hander, and the only person to have died in the car lot fire was a young homeless guy (played by Nick Pickard before he was Hollyoaks’ Tony Hutchinson, fact fans). We’ll have to wait until Monday’s two-hander to get the full story…

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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