Hollyoaks: Mandy Richardson revealed as Warren Fox’s stalker!

Shock twist in tonight's E4 episode showed who's been blackmailing the gangster


Hollyoaks have revealed the identity of Warren Fox’s blackmailer – it turns out none other than Mandy Richardson has been behind the extortion and stalking campaign. 


The mystery was solved in the dramatic cliffhanger of tonight’s E4 episode when Foxy gave chase to a hooded figure in the hospital, having learned cancer-stricken fiancee Sienna Blake had made it through her surgery.

Spotting the assailant and realising they were the one who’d been sending notes threatening to expose his fling with Grace Black and demanding cash, Warren pursued his tormentor to the top of the hospital roof – and with nowhere to hide, the blackmailer was forced to show themselves. Pulling down the hood, Warren was stunned when he saw it was old flame Mandy…


Viewers have seen Mandy recently return on screen after seven years away, and life has not been kind. She’s living away from the village and back with ex Luke Morgan, but the reunion has been fraught with problems thanks to his drink problem, and the couple have been investigated by social services with Mandy’s daughter Ella is thought to be at risk because of Luke’s unstable behaviour disrupting her home life.

During her last stint in the show, Mandy and Warren had a brief, destructive relationship and she actually stalked him before in an attempt to turn the tables on his manipulative behaviour towards her.

It seems like old habits die hard and Mandy has decided to turn the screws on Warren again, but what is her motivation here? Does she still bear a grudge against Warren after all this time? How does she know about his affair with Grace Black? We know times are tough for Mandy, but how bad have things got to the point where she’s blackmailing the most dangerous man in Chester?

More will be revealed about Mandy’s blackmail campaign in tomorrow’s episode, and check back here for a chat with Sarah Jayne Dunn about why her character has resorted to such drastic measures…

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.