Hollyoaks: Neeta pregnant with Hunter’s baby?

The forbidden lovers face a potential pregnancy next week


Hollyoaks teacher Neeta Kaur’s forbidden fling with pupil Hunter McQueen hots up next week when the couple face the possibility she could be pregnant.


Ever since they sealed the deal in Ibiza, Hunter and Neeta have been sneaking around behind Neeta’s scary boyfriend Mac Nightingale’s back, as they take advantage of every stolen moment they can. 

In next Tuesday’s E4 episode, the keen McQueen teen surprises his cougar crush with a romantic scene in the folly – but the loved-up mood is cut short when Neeta has to take the morning after pill when they discover Hunter’s condom split… Is she having Hunter’s bubba?

Desperate for him and Neeta to be together properly, Hunter suggests they run away to Ibiza but the confused Miss Kaur can’t bring herself to turn her back on the Nightingales as they celebrate what would’ve been Nathan’s birthday.

On Thursday, Neeta delivers a further bombshell to her schoolboy stud as she admits her and Mac have been discussing the possibility of them having a child together. Caught up in the moment of Mac mourning Nathan and longing for another chance at parenthood, Neeta reveals to Hunter she’s been guilt-tripped into agreeing to it…

Hunter is heartbroken, but what if Neeta is already preggers with his kid? Has the ‘Who’s the Daddy’ plot alarm just gone off in Hollyoaks…?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.