EastEnders: Steven’s sick plan exposed by Cora?

No one fools Lauren's crafty grandma...


Steven Beale’s sick plan to trap girlfriend Lauren Branning into marriage by lying he has a brain tumour could be exposed next week when his fiancee’s feisty grandmother Cora Cross starts to question what’s really going on. Has twisted Steven met his match with the plucky pensioner?


On Monday, obsessed Abi puts the pressure on secret loer Steven for ignoring her, but the barmy Beale urges his future sister-in-law to be patient, promising they’ll be together soon once he humiliates Lauren and dumps her.

Gleefully upping the pressure on Steven to ditch her big sis, spiteful Abi calls grandma Cora and tells her the ‘happy news’ of the engagement.

When Cora visits on Thursday, she quickly deduces that all is not as it seems and Lauren is putting on a front. Concerned for her granddaughter, Cora tells Lauren to be honest with herself and call her mum Tanya – otherwise she will…

Steven spirals into a panic when Lauren says she’s thinking about visiting Tanya – scared she’ll admit to her mother she doesn’t love Steven and will back out of the wedding, the sneaky Mr Beale begs Max to help him keep Lauren in Walford. As both Steven and Max are as slippery as each other, who will have the upper hand here?

If anyone can see through this sham of a romance it’s Cora – she’s also clocking Max and his wicked Weyland plan from the sidelines, so could her visit to Walford pave the way for her to expose both Steven and Max’s true colours?

Lauren’s work crush Josh Hemmings also gets a mention next week when he tries to call Ms Branning, only for her to delete his number – but how long before she runs away from her doomed engagement and into his muscly arms?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s vindictive Abi cackling with delight as she watches her sister’s life fall apart – just as she was hoping it would…   

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