EastEnders: fire horror destroys school prom – what happens next?

Has Louise burnt to death? Will the school explode? 'Enders has gone full horror movie...


EastEnders just ended on an explosive cliffhanger as the much-hyped school prom disaster brought tonight’s episode to a fiery climax when Walford High was evacuated as a devastating fire threatened to break out, putting lives in danger.


The soap has been teasing high drama for Louise Mitchell and the teens as bullies Alexandra D’Costa and Madison Drake set out to destroy the end-of-term party by settling scores with their victims. A creepy trailer had whipped up interest among fans but exact details of the storyline remained under wraps. 


As Louise’s date, Travis Law-Hughes, ushered her into a secret corner of the school he’d decked out in a romantic candlelit scene (after they’d been voted Most Beautiful Couple – awwww), the teen sweethearts were horrified to find Mads and Alex waiting for them, having been snuck in by partner in crime Keegan Baker so they could ruin the prom.

Their initial idea of setting off the sprinklers was scuppered, so the Baker bad boy’s tip off about Travis’s romantic surprise gave the girls a much more gruesome idea as to how to wreck the evening. But, predictably, it all got a bit out of hand…  

Lairy Lou discovered her inner Mitchell as she finally stood up to the menacing mean girls and told them to get lost, calling them pathetic and seemingly bringing their reign of terror to an end.


But the spiteful duo didn’t take kindly to Louise’s tirade, and as a scuffle broke out evil Alex pushed Lou – who stumbled back (in suitably dramatic slow-motion no less) onto the numerous lit candles, setting fire to her dress – and presumably herself. Not so romantic now, eh Travis?


Louise’s screams as she fell on the flames then cut to the sprinklers going off in the hall after all, and confusion setting in as teachers attempted to keep panicked pupils calm as they urged them to leave the building.

But with explosions spluttering and a huge fire threatening to break out, it seemed like Walford High was doomed.


As Bex Fowler headed out, a slow rumbling noise was heard getting increasingly louder – and the episode ended on a close up of terrified Bex turning to look behind her in horror… What has she seen?

The full scale of the devastation will be revealed tomorrow, and next week sees Bex’s reeling from the nightmare and Phil Mitchell returning to the Square – has he rushed back to be at daughter Louise’s side? Or for her funeral?

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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