Hollyoaks: Luke Morgan returns on Friday – first look at his comeback

Gary Lucy is back after 15 years away from the role


Luke Morgan returns to Hollyoaks in Friday’s E4 episode when Darren Osborne unexpectedly bumps into his old friend.


However, their reunion is somewhat frosty when Darren learns Luke – last seen in the village back in 2002 for a family wedding – is not the loyal mate he once was…

On Monday, Darren tracks Mr Morgan down and the pair have a proper catch up, where it emerges the last 15 years have not treated Luke particularly well.

Confessing to Daz he’s got serious money worries, Luke is still somewhat cagey about his circumstances, but is glad when Darren offers him a job. The big question is, what kind of work is Mr Osborne suggesting? Seeing as his latest venture is drug smuggling for shifty Shane Sweeney, does Luke know what he’s letting himself in for? 

Of course a lot can happen in 15 years, and according to actor Gary Lucy, poor old Luke has had a tough time of it.  

Speaking to RadioTimes.com earlier this year about his return to the role that made him famous, Lucy revealed: “Luke is definitely not the same person and it is not for the better. Bryan Kirkwood, the executive producer, talked me through some fantastic stories when we discussed my return, and I thought it was a great opportunity to bring back my favourite telly character.”

Luke is also set to be reunited with old flame Mandy Richardson, with Sarah Jayne Dunn poised to rejoin this summer – teasing how much their characters will be interacting on screen, Lucy said: “It would be rude if Luke and Mandy didn’t cross paths! They have to, it would be a wasted opportunity if they didn’t because of their past, so it makes sense.”

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.