EastEnders: is Keanu the father of Bernadette’s baby?

Stunned Karen thinks she's worked it out...


EastEnders ended on a huge cliffhanger for the Taylor family tonight, as Karen contemplated the possibility that son Keanu is the father of teenage daughter Bernadette’s baby.


Since the underage pregnancy was revealed, Bernie has refused to name the father. With the news another Taylor tot is on the way now out among the family, Karen begged son Keanu to do some digging and get his little sister to confide in him – commenting how close the pair are. 


Despite Karen’s prying Bernadette still wasn’t budging, and Keanu didn’t seem keen on interfering either. 

Later, the siblings had clearly been having a big old chat as we saw Keanu quietly question his sister about being sure of her decision to keep the baby, to which Bernie insisted it was what she wanted. 

Nervously asking if Keanu had said anything to their mum, the elder Taylor reassured her no one would find out – it was “their secret…”


Unbeknown to them, Karen was outside listening at the door, and had overheard every word. Does this hushed conversation mean Keanu is actually the father of his sister’s baby? The Taylors have been controversial enough since arriving in Walford, but if EastEnders are embarking on an incest storyline this would really cause a stir… 

On Monday, horrified Karen tackles the situation head-on and pushes Bernadette to tell her who the father of her baby is once and for all. Will Bernie finally reveal the truth? Is it really Keanu? And if it is, could this be the start of the most scandalous soap storyline of the year so far? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.

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