EastEnders: Steven and Abi kiss again – here’s what happens next

Is the affair on between these two?


Steven Beale and Abi Branning shared another passionate kiss in tonight’s EastEnders, pushing the pair closer to a full-on affair behind Lauren’s back. 


Spying on his girlfriend via the secret webcam attached to her phone charger, sly stalker Steven was seething with jealousy as he witnessed Lauren chatting with buff boss Josh Hemmings. And when Ms Branning was invited to “get away from the desk” and go for a drink with her manager, it was the last straw for Steven who got that oh-so-familiar creepy look in his eye. 

Calling round to Abi’s place after turning down her advances yet again earlier in the episode, Steven stunned his girlfriend’s sister by going straight in for a snog and it looked as if the pair were about to have a repeat performance of their lusty liaison at Abi’s 21st birthday party a few weeks back. 


So what does this mean for the future of Steven and Lauren’s relationship? The barmy Beale continues to spy on her at work tomorrow, but could end up regretting it when he overhears something he’d wished he hadn’t, and next week Lauren secretly plans to end their romance and move to New Zealand with Louie.

Meanwhile, Steven rejects Abi and tells the heartbroken blonde on Monday that, despite their dalliance, Lauren is his focus – unaware of her decision to dump him and leave Walford.

Will Lauren depart without even telling Steven? Is she going to embark on an affair with Josh? Will Steven let her go without a fight? Will jealous Abi wreck everything or manage to seduce Steven once more?     

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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