Game of Thrones could conclude with six feature-length episodes

The eighth and final season will have fewer but longer episodes


Are the Game of Thrones producers toying with us? First there was the revelation that the final season will consist of just six episodes – disappointingly little time to say goodbye to Westeros. But now we hear that those episodes could actually be feature length, with each installment lasting more than 80 minutes. 


According to Deadline, sound designer Paula Fairfield let the dragon out of the bag at fan convention Con of Thrones in Nashville.


The upcoming season 7 episodes will roughly stick with the hour-long format except for the finale, which clocks in at 82 minutes, she said. 

But for the eighth and final season we can apparently expect episodes to last more than 80 minutes each – so even if the series is shorter than the usual ten-episode season, the overall running time could actually be longer.  

That’s pretty long, especially when you take into account the ad breaks running on Sky Atlantic (but not HBO). And the episodes could even be longer than some of the great films under 90 minutes on IMDB, which include the likes of Zombieland, Colin Farrell’s Phone Booth, Eraserhead, The Lion King and This is Spinal Tap. 

This comes after showrunner Dan Weiss told EW that there will be two episodes lasting more than an hour this year, with the season finale easily beating the previous record of 69 minutes (last season’s The Winds of Winter). 

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on 16th July, and Sky Atlantic in the UK on 17th July