Neighbours: Aaron and Mishti launch new business venture

The Shed lives again!


Erinsborough entrepreneurs Aaron Brennan and Mishti Sharma launch a new business venture in Neighbours when the reopen The Shed – but things are off to a shaky start when one half of the partnership gets cold feet before they’ve even got going.


Aaron and Mishti had discussed the possibility of taking over a local fitness centre, but a chat with sensible (and borderline boring) big brother Mark makes Aaron have second thoughts. Unbeknown to him, the excited Ms Sharma jumps the gun and impulsively buys The Shed as their new business premises.

When the buff Brennan businessman tells Mishti he’s not ready to run a company with her, she can’t bring herself to tell him she’s bought up the former site of the Backpackers hostel.

Dipi and Shane urge her to come clean to Aaron, but stubborn Mish doesn’t want to put her pal on the spot and make him feel too guilty to back out of the deal.


Thankfully, Aaron has yet another change of heart and, thanks to some gentle encouragement from Sonya to take a chance, he tells Mishti he regrets puling out of their deal.

So it’s the perfect time for Mishti to reveal she went ahead on buying The Shed without his knowledge – and it’s all’s well that ends well in Ramsay Street as the couple celebrate their new partnership by toasting the reopening of The Shed as a fitness centre.

However, will flighty Aaron change his mind again? And will this eventually drive a wedge between them as they get the business off the ground? And can the venture succeed after the disaster that befell the property when it was a hostel? Only time will tell.

But if super-fit Mishti and Aaron aren’t the perfect advert for physical fitness, we don’t know what is…

Neighbours airs these scenes on Monday 10 July on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.