EastEnders: Abi learns a secret about Josh and Lauren – what has she found out?

The quest to destroy her sister's life continues for the bitchy Branning...


Abi Branning continues to meddle in Lauren’s love life in EastEnders next week as she tries to charm her way back into Steven Beale’s arms as she attempts to destroy his relationship with her big sister.


But a conversation with Lauren’s boss Josh Hemmings gives Abs even more opportunity to stir it for her sibling…

Desperate to steal Steven for herself, devious Abi is using all her feminine wiles to convince Mr Beale she’s the best Branning sister. However, Steven seems more preoccupied with spying on his girlfriend at work via his new phone charger/secret camera device to really care… 

She’s also keeping an eye on dreamy Josh, who Abi knows Lauren has a soft spot for and who she’s also tried to seduce for herself. 

Next week, Abi bumps into Josh in the cafe and the pair have a chat – leading Abi to discover some very interesting information that could work in her favour and allow her to get one over on Lauren… 

What has she found out? Have Lauren and Josh started a full-on affair by this stage, which Abi could blow to psycho Steven? Could it push Steven and Abi together as a proper couple? Or is it something else that’s got Abs rubbing her hands with glee as she plots some more evil antics?

EastEnders airs these scenes on Tuesday 11 July on BBC1 at 7.30pm.   

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