Coronation Street: Bethany warns Craig about Neil – will he act on her words?

Come on, Craig - arrest your boss!


Coronation Street’s Craig has had his suspicions raised about the conduct of Neil, his superior officer on the police force.


Up until this point, Craig had considered Neil to be the ideal mentor, but viewers at home have been left squirming, aware that he’s actually the co-conspirator of groomer Nathan.

Now, a drunk Bethany has seeded doubt in Craig’s mind in scenes just broadcast during tonight’s Corrie double bill. After turning up unexpectedly, Bethany began making a play for Craig, only for him to realise that the vulnerable teen was still affected by her recent experiences.


An emotional Bethany then warned Craig that Neil isn’t all that he seems, words that obviously resonated because he was seen later repeating them to Tim in the Rovers.

So will Craig now start to investigate his boss’s actions and realise that he’s a sexual predator? And will he eventually turn whistleblower to ensure that Bethany gets justice? Find out when Coronation Street returns on Monday.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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