Emmerdale: Harriet to die following shock stabbing?

The village vicar is knifed in violent cliffhanger


Harriet Finch has been left fighting for her life after getting knifed at the climax of tonight’s hour-long Emmerdale.


The village vicar was seen bleeding from a stab wound to the stomach when she became the unwitting victim of the Barton boys’ feud with local drug dealers.

As Finn dialled 999, fans of the ITV soap were left wondering whether Harriet would pull through following the surprise attack. Tomorrow’s episode will see her getting rushed to hospital, but it’ll be touch and go as to whether she survives.


Emmerdale had already warned that a show regular was going to get stabbed, although their identity had been kept a secret prior to the broadcast of this evening’s episode.

Viewers were left wondering whether Ross, Finn or Robert would be left injured, but not many thought that Harriet would get caught up in the drama.


Events, though, saw Harriet become embroiled thanks to a case of mistaken identity after she borrowed the Bartons’ car to attend a meeting, little knowing that thugs were out looking for Ross and their supply of marijuana.

During a set-to at a set of traffic lights, one of the dealers accused Harriet of not being a vicar at all before demanding that she open her boot. When she refused, he pulled a knife and plunged it into her abdomen.

As the attackers sped away, Finn was then left cradling Harriet as she slipped into unconsciousness. So will this be curtains for the cleric? Find out when Emmerdale returns tomorrow at 7:00pm.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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