Coronation Street: David finally discovers Shona’s secret

She confessed at Kylie's grave. Guess the romance is off then...


Coronation Street’s Shona Ramsey has finally admitted her big secret to David Platt – that she is the mother of his late wife Kylie’s killer. 


Shona confessed to being the estranged mum of jailed teen tearaway Clayton Hibbs, who stabbed Kylie to death during a botched robbery on the cobbles last year, to David’s mum Gail a few months back. Fearing the widow’s reaction, Gail agreed to keep quiet but was unhappy when Shona refused to leave Weatherfield. 

But as the cafe worker has grown closer to Mr Platt in recent weeks (they even shared a kiss in Wednesday’s episode), the pressure has been mounting for Shona to come clean and tonight she could take it no more.

After Gail tried to put the mockers on her son’s potential romance with the Grimshaws’ lodger, Shona confided in Eileen and Billy she had developed feelings for David.

Later, when taking Max and Lilly to visit their mother’s grave, David was shocked to find Shona there and demanded answers. As they chatted about their deepening connection, she finally came clean and admitted that the son she’d previously talked about who was taken from her was not called Tom – but Clayton…

David looked suitably stunned, but viewers will have to wait until the second helping of tonight’s Corrie double bill to find out what happens next.

Are David’s feelings for Shona enough to make him forgive and forget? Will it reignite the explosive anger he felt towards his wife’s killer, putting Shona in the firing line? And will he find out Gail has known and kept the truth from him?

Coronation Street continues at 8.30pm…   

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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