Emmerdale: will Carly run off with Matt?

And - while we're at it - will Marlon and Laurel kiss?


Is Emmerdale’s Carly Hope set to do a runner with former flame Matt?


It’s the question that all fans of the ITV soap will be asking tonight after the Irish hunk told Carly that he was still in love with her.

Fans saw the pair grow close again after a day spent flogging a batch of swimwear at a local market, with Matt forced to wear a mankini as a forfeit for not selling as much as Carly.

With Matt set to leave town tomorrow, he ended up declaring his feelings for Carly, with viewers yet to find out whether she’ll reciprocate the kiss he’s just leaned in for.


Added complications come, of course, from the fact that Carly is currently dating Woolpack chef Marlon Dingle, who is already suspicious about her closeness to her ex.

After finding out that Carly was with Matt (rather than on shopping trip with Tracy), Marlon ended up confiding in ex-wife Laurel, who managed to bolster his self-worth by offering some much-needed words of encouragement. 

But a cliffhanger moment saw Marlon and Laurel almost lock lips, just as Carly and Matt were about to have a roadside snog. Who will end up kissing who? And are Marlon and Carly destined to split?


On the latter point, it certainly appears that Carly won’t be around in the village for much longer. Next week’s episodes see young April blaming Marlon for Carly’s sudden departure as he’s left trying to convince his daughter that the fault didn’t lie with him…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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