Neighbours: Callum returns – can he save troubled mum Sonya?

Toadie begs Squid to come home in his mother's darkest hour


Callum Rebecchi returns to Neighbours next week when Toadie makes an emergency call to his son begging for his help. 


Toad’s fragile wife Sonya has done a runner from Ramsay Street following the shock reveal she was responsible for the backpackers’ hostel crash last month.

Having fallen off the wagon and succumbed to her old addiction demons, which led to her taking the wheel of Amy’s ute while under the influence and causing the crash, Son has agreed to sort herself out and get help at a treatment centre.

But Toadie then learns she’s checked herself out and is living in isolation in a tiny caravan in the middle of the woods.

Refusing to come home to her husband and daughter Nell as she fears further recriminations from the Erinsborough locals for her actions, Toadie makes a desperate phone call asking someone to come and visit – the following morning, Sonya is stunned when son Callum is at the door of her makeshift shack. 

It marks the first appearance of Morgan Baker in the role of Callum since 2015, when the actor made a cameo after leaving the series as a regular in 2014. 

Can Callum help his mum get through the mess that has become her life, and convince her not to turn her back on Nell and Toad? Will Sonya push him away and send him packing back to America? Could this tear her and Toadie apart when she realises he’s contacted her son behind her back?


Neighbours airs this episode on Wednesday 7 June on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.