Kat and Alfie: Redwater – episode three plotline details REVEALED!

What happens now that Kat has found her son?


With episode two of Redwater having ended with Kat having realised that priest Dermott is her son, viewers will no doubt be wondering what happens next.


Kat is, at this point, unaware of Dermott’s dark secret – that he is, in fact, a troubled killer. Episode three will even see Kat start to believe the she’s bringing her family back together. But will she remain oblivious to the potential danger they are in?

Elsewhere, Kieran and Eileen (are planning to return to the States. Before they leave, though, Agnes organises a barbecue on the beach, a family tradition that had taken place for last 18 years, to commemorate the anniversary of the boat tragedy.


The occasion proves difficult for Eileen, this being the first time she’s been back ‘home’ since her daughter Mouse drowned. She also realises that Kieran isn’t dealing with the death of his sister. He’s avoided it for years, and she has allowed that happen. All of which leads to her wondering what kind of mother she’s turned out to be.

Eileen will also be seen having an idea as to how to secure the farm’s future. But her big announcement to the family leaves big sister Roisin less than pleased…


Kat and Alfie: Redwater continues next Thursday at 8:00pm on BBC1.