Hollyoaks: is Cleo McQueen dead? Five big questions following the crash

Tonight's disaster aftermath left us on an almighty cliffhanger


Hollyoaks left fans on the edge of their seats after tonight’s E4 episode which dealt with the aftermath of Friday’s dramatic car crash, as Cleo McQueen was rushed to hospital and flatlined in the ambulance – will she die?


That’s not the only question we’re asking ourselves after the dramatic instalment, which makes the fallout of the stunt even more exciting than the event itself.

But the first thing to discuss is that heart-stopping cliffhanger…


Thrown off the back of boyfriend Joel Dexter’s motorbike as they collided with the teens who were speeding to get help for collapsed Yasmine Maalik, Cleo fell down an embankment and lay there unnoticed when emergency services got to the scene. It was only when Joel later woke up in hospital that he realised his girlfriend hadn’t been found, so he raced back to the crash site and found her barely conscious. 

An ambulance was called and as Cleo went into cardiac arrest, guilt-ridden former trainee Catholic priest Joel thought he was being punished for choosing love over his faith, and prayed to the man upstairs he’d put the dog collar back on if Ms McQueen lives. Oh, the drama…

Hollyoaks are adept at pulling huge twists out of the bag that nobody saw coming – could they be planning to kill off much-loved Cleo and give Joel another death on his conscience along with druggy aunt Katy Fox? Or if Cleo survives will Joel stick to his pledge to the priesthood and break the poor girl’s heart?


The aftermath of the crash also revealed why Yasmine collapsed – she’s got a serious heart condition and is on the waiting list for a transplant. Opening up to pal Peri about her tragic secret, and how it got her bullied in her old school and forced the move to Hollyoaks High, is it just coincidence that Cleo’s on death’s door on the way to the hospital? If Cleo dies could Yasmine get her heart? Would the McQueens and Joel come to resent her for surviving when their beloved Cleo lost her life? It would certainly give the Maalik family a juicy storyline as they settle in to the show – we also met Yasmine’s no-nonsense medic mum Misbah tonight, and rebellious big sister Farrah is on the way… 


The crash itself was very Final Destination as the teens’ car hit a load of logs, one of which went shooting through the windscreen through the car scraping poor Lily Drinkwell (ouch). She was lucky to survive, and looked horrified as she saw her wounds beneath the bandages and sobbed to Auntie Diane. Lil also told Prince McQueen she can’t forgive him for causing the crash – looks like her injuries will leave her mentally and physically scarred, but to what extent?


Talking of Prince, the McQueen teen’s impulsive decision to take the wheel when Tom Cunningham panicked was a brave but ultimately terrible decision. He may have been trying to get Yas to hospital quicker but his lack of driving licence and hotheaded behaviour landed everyone in danger, and has wrecked any chance of Prily (or is it Lince?) being the next big couple. In tonight’s episode he made a desperate call to bad dad Shane, begging for his help to disappear from the village. If Prince sticks around he could go to prison, but if he goes on the run with shady Shane he’s bound to be end up influenced by his poisonous parent’s lawbreaking ways. Either way, this boy’s future is not looking good.   


The whole thing is on Tom’s conscience too, as he froze with fear when Yasmine passed out and couldn’t drive because he was so stressed. Prince took control but Tom will have to live with the fact his freak-out set off a chain of events that caused a potentially fatal accident that seriously injured his friends. And you thought Tom learning to drive was just a silly comedy storyline…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.