EastEnders: sinister Steven to track Lauren’s movements!

Will Lauren realise that she's under surveillance?


Steven Beale looks set to up the ante in next week’s EastEnders when he gets increasingly paranoid about girlfriend Lauren Branning’s whereabouts.


Viewers have already seen disgruntled Steven privately angst about Lauren’s new City job, even going to the extent of stabbing holes through his condoms in the hope that she’ll get pregnant and ditch her burgeoning career.

And next week’s episodes will see Abi plant further doubts in Steven’s mind about what Lauren is up to – all of which leads to him researching a way to track her movements.

Of course, prior to Lauren landing the post, she was getting slightly flirty with Josh, the guy who ended up being her boss. So you have to wonder what Steven will discover should he go ahead with his surveillance plan.

And EastEnders fans can expect further drama when – in scenes to be shown on Thursday 30 May – Steven prepares a romantic meal for Lauren, only for his plans to be ruined when Josh brings her home feeling unwell.

With Josh discussing work with Lauren, a seemingly enthusiastic Steven suggests that he stays for dinner, a prospect that leaves both Josh and Lauren feeling uncomfortable.

Will all to plan? And what exactly is Steven up to?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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