Emmerdale: Tracy admits attack but Pollard plans a cover-up – what happens next?

Will innocent Dan go down for Tracy's crime?


Emmerdale have confirmed Tracy Shankley was the one who attacked teenage tearaway Josh. 


An emotional Tracy confessed to father-in-law Eric Pollard in tonight’s episode after learning Dan Spencer had been charged with assault, following his arrest yesterday. (the fact Dan had a bag with a crowbar and gaffa tape when he found the lad unconscious certainly didn’t do his case any good…)

Dan being formally charged was the talk of the Woolpack, but teary Tracy was forced to quietly admit she’s the guilty party. Away from the prying ears in the pub and behind closed doors back home, Trace played Pollard a recording on her phone of how she confronted gobby Josh, then lashed out when he became threatening towards her.

Thinking he she was about to be attacked, she got in there first – only for Josh to fall and hit his head on a rock.

Explaining to Pollard she was only trying to defend her family, following Josh’s attack on Pollard’s shop and bullying of stepson Jacob, Trace was adamant she wanted to come clean and go to the police.

But in an expected twist, Pollard urged her to keep quiet – effectively risking a prison sentence for innocent Dan. Seeing as Dan changed his statement against Josh and accomplice Jamie for the attack on the shop after they threatened his daughter Amelia, Pollard blames Dan for the kids being on the loose in the first place – in his eyes, if he goes to prison, Dan’s only got himself to blame…

Tracy seemed uneasy at the suggestion, and next week clearly can’t keep to Pollard’s plan any longer and turns herself in to the authorities. Pollard takes further decisive action to stop her and pin it on Dan by stealing Tracy’s phone and smashing its up, only for Kerry cotton on to the plot and retrieve what’s left of the mobile and march down to the police station.

But it could all be for nothing as Tracy confesses and ends up in a cell. Will she be charged with her crime? And what will that mean for Pollard’s cover-up and Dan’s wrongful arrest?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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