Hollyoaks: Anna Passey interview – “I hope Sienna and Warren don’t live happily ever after, it’s more exciting!”

The British Soap Award nominee teases a big week ahead for Hollyoaks’ hottest couple


Hollyoaks’ dynamic duo Sienna Blake and Warren Fox are pushed to the limit this coming week as Warren decides to hand himself in for the murder of Bart McQueen – abandoning his pregnant girlfriend and his unborn twins.


Not only that, he also discovers son Joel Dexter is back on drugs, bringing back painful memories of sister Katy’s death from a drugs overdose that he mistakenly thinks Bart was responsible for, and which was his motive for murder – unaware it was actually Joel who supplied Katy with the illegal substances that resulted in her death. In emotional scenes airing on E4 next Thursday 25 May, thinking everyone would be better off without him pushes Warren into coming clean, but can Sienna stop him?

With so much going on for Hollyoaks fans’ favourite couple, British Soap Award best actress nominee Anna Passey gives her take on whether her character Sienna has a future with Foxy…


After all these weeks, what drives Warren to want to confess to killing Bart?

Joel’s guilt over keeping Bart’s murder a secret and the temptation of Cleo drives him back to drugs. Warren finds out and flips. He is furious with Joel for being so stupid but ends up blaming himself. Later, Sienna and Joel stumble across a video on Warren’s laptop that he’s made for the twins where he is saying he is a terrible father and he’s driven Joel back to drugs – he’s made too many mistakes so it’s time to hand himself in. He thinks Joel and the babies are better off without him. Sienna won’t let this happen so she heads off to try and convince him that they all need him and he will be a good dad. But we will have to see if she is successful…

How does Sienna think she can convince Warren to not hand himself in?

Sienna is so desperate for this family to work out. She’s lost all her family so she is so determined to be happy with Warren. She is panicking and knows this is the one shot to convince him to come back and be there for her the kids.

Is Sienna the right person to talk Warren round?

I think so. She has so much experience of being in these situations herself having messed up quite a lot, so she is in a good position to understand what he’s feeling. Sienna can help make him stop and think before making some crazy decisions. She provides a good balance.


Do you think Warren is a good partner for Sienna?

I think Warren is definitely her best match, yes. They are such a good soap couple as they never have a boring minute. But I also really had a soft spot for Trevor and Sienna because we saw a softer side to them both.

Do you think Warren and Sienna will live happily ever after?

No! I sort of hope they don’t because I really like the constant struggle between them. When you’ve got two really big characters nothing is ever going to be straightforward, they’re always going to love each other but also battle each other. One will come out on top sometimes and then the other one will get the upper hand, but that’s what makes it exciting!


What’s the best and worst thing about playing a pregnant character?

The best thing is that people give you their seat even though they know you’re not pregnant. They just feel obliged! You also get lots of biscuits and nice things. Worst? It’s coming up to summer and when it’s hot the fake baby bump is so heavy and warm and it’s really uncomfortable to wear.

Finally, how does it feel to be in the short list in the British Soap Awards?

Amazing! It feels great. I think being in the best actress category right now is really special because there are some amazing women in there. It’s nice when you know the audience are enjoying the character and the stories.

What would it mean to you to win?

Ah, it would be crazy! I don’t think I can ever believe that I am going to win especially when you see all the really big names I’m up against, so I haven’t dared think about it. But it would be out of this world.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.