Emmerdale: Matt to split up Carly and Marlon? “There are some complicated weeks ahead,” says Jack Hickey

"Matt and Carly are tethered by their shared history and trauma. You don't get over these things"


Emmerdale newcomer Jack Hickey has hinted that the spark could be reignited between Matt and his ex-girlfriend Carly.


“There are some complicated couple of weeks ahead. Matt and Carly are tethered by their shared history and trauma. You don’t get over these things,” the actor told RadioTimes.com.

Recent episodes of the ITV soap have seen Matt show up in the village and confront Carly about the loss of their baby son Billy in emotionally fraught scenes.

When asked about the possibility of Matt’s arrival eventually leading to a split for Marlon and Carly, Hickey added:

“Well, Marlon is one of the most popular characters on British television and the first thing I do is punch him in the face! But Matt hasn’t come in with an agenda – he’s there to confront this past anguish.

“But it’s a messy situation for both Matt and Carly – neither of them have really moved on from the death of Billy. He’s carried it with him and she has too.”

Thankfully, there was no such heartache behind the scenes, with Hickey noting the warm reception he’d received from both Mark Charnock and Gemma Atkinson:

“On my first day, I had those two big emotional scenes, so it was a baptism by fire. But the pair of them were incredible.

“Mark came up to me, gave me his number and said that I could call him with any questions I had. He’s such a gentleman.

“And with Gemma – no sooner had we said hi to each other than we were doing these intense scenes. But I was blown away by how brilliant she was. We really hit the ground running.”

As for the reaction he’s received from fans since he made his debut, Hickey (whose previous credits include Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones) was quick to note that the feedback had been positive:

“All the Twitter stuff has been fun. The fandom is very interactive. I hadn’t really done Twitter before, but I was compelled to take a look this time around. And it’s been wonderful. So far.

“One person said I looked exactly like Rick Astley, which I’m going to take as a compliment. That’s the first time I’ve heard that one. It’s just great to be a part of such a British institution. This is the biggest part I’ve had – I’ve had some really big scenes to bite off and there are definitely more to come.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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