Coronation Street: Adam accuses Daniel of the attack – but Ken knows who did it!

The net closes in next week as Ken remembers a vital clue


Coronation Street edges closer to revealing who pushed Ken Barlow next week as the family turn on each other and Ken remembers vital details from that fateful night.


Convinced Ken’s prodigal son Daniel Osbourne is the guilty party, angry Adam Barlow abducts his nephew in Monday’s action-packed episode, bundling him into the boot of his motor and driving out to a deserted car park where he demands he admit he pushed his grandfather and left him for dead.


When Adam then suggests Daniel’s girlfriend Sinead Tinker may have also been involved, Desperate Daniel punches Adam knocking him to the ground, and speeds off in the car.


Back in Weatherfield, Ken begins to remember details from the night he was pushed, but Adam soon reappears following his showdown with Daniel and points the finger at Sinead. Having tipped off the police she knows more than she’s letting on, shocked Sinead is taken in for questioning. Will she admit Ken talked her into an abortion, putting her firmly in the frame as a strong suspect? 

On Wednesday, Ken calls to see Sinead to apologise for everything he’s put her through but as he leaves, he sees a pair of trainers in the flat that he later reveals to Roy he recognises seeing on the night of the attack – the shoes must belong to whoever did it. But who’s trainers are they?


On Friday, Roy is suspicious when Daniel says he’s moving back to his old flat as his landlord wants him to redecorate – could he be doing a runner to escape more interrogation by the cops, especially when his whereabouts on the night of the attack are called into question?

Peter and Tracy are pretty much in the clear by now, so they take it upon themselves to banish Adam from Weatherfield, accusing him of having caused too much misery for Ken to stick around any longer.

As Adam begrudgingly says goodbye to his grandfather, Ken is stunned to spot the offending trainers and asks Adam if the shoes are his… A shaken Ken then tells Peter he knows who tried to kill him and calls the police – so who did it?  

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