EastEnders: 5 reasons why Whitney and Woody should get together

Lee wants a divorce and Whit wants Mick - but Woody's waiting in the wings...


Whitney Carter was dealt a bit of a blow in tonight’s EastEnders when estranged hubby Lee sent his mate Moose to tell his wife he wants a divorce. Moose’s unexpected arrival in Walford gave Whit a moment of hope that her estranged spouse might be willing to give their marriage another try, but it wasn’t to be and after a terribly awkward and drawn out chat, mild-mannered Moose informed Mrs C of Lee’s wishes. 


Whitney had a wobble, ran straight upstairs and made a call to father-in-law Mick, currently in Bulgaria nursing daughter Nancy after a car accident, but Woody interrupted as she left an emotional voicemail telling the absent landlord how much she needed him.

With Mick returning to Walford next week after Danny Dyer’s much-publicised hiatus, it appears EastEnders is reigniting the spark between him and Whitney that’s already seen the pair share a secret kiss. Viewer opinion is divided as to whether an affair between Mick and Whitney is a good idea, and Dyer himself has publicly said he never wanted his character to cheat on screen wife Linda, played by Kellie Bright who returns to the show later this year following the birth of her second child.


But the perfect man is right under Whit’s nose – Woody. They’d make a great couple – here’s five reasons why…


Harry ‘Woody’ Woodward has been a breath of fresh air in Walford since he rocked up at the Vic on Linda’s request to be temporary bar manager. Surprisingly, ex-Blue singer and tabloid favourite Lee Ryan has silenced critics with his winning performance, proving himself as a natural screen presence. Fun-loving Woody has brought much-needed lightness to the Vic, which was beset by financial problems, leaking roofs and sick dogs – his cheeky banter and innuendo-laden cocktail names make him a fun fella to be around, which is what Whitney needs after her doomed and difficult relationship with Lee.   


Despite initial suspicion from the Carters when he arrived, Woody has proved his heart is in the right place as he’s managed to rally the family in their darkest hour, and even put a smile on surly Shirley’s face the odd time (no mean feat). When Lady Di was on death’s door he was a sweetheart, and he even managed to not make viewers hate him when he sacked Tracey the barmaid (it was business!). And in tonight’s episode he showed genuine concern for Whitney after Moose’s bombshell. We get the feeling he’d really look after a girl. 


Linda Carter is a hard woman to please and wouldn’t let just anyone run her precious pub, so Woody must be one of the best in the business to be airlifted in to manage the East End’s most famous boozer. We can only assume he’s been in the game for years and is a trusted, reliable pair of hands which means he’ll never be short of work. Hear that, Whitney? If you got with Woody there’d be no more call centre drama like you had with your ex.  


Woody’s tender treatment of Whitney tonight made us realise how easy they are around each other, they already look like a believable couple. There’s been more than the odd longing look in his direction from Whitney since he arrived, but he’s played it surprisingly cool (maybe sleeping with Tina wasn’t the best way to impress her though). The chemistry is definitely there and Woody has a knack of being able to cheer up Whitney who’s usually full of woe. It’s starting to look like they belong together. Maybe it’s because their names both start with the same letter?  


Just saying, Whit… 

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