EastEnders: Louise collapses after having her drink spiked – will she die?

The actions of Madison and Alexandra could have tragic consequences


Louise Mitchell’s life has been left hanging in the balance at the climax to tonight’s EastEnders, thanks to an horrendous prank played by Walford High bullies Madison and Alexandra.


Shock scenes saw Louise vomiting up blood before falling unconscious as neighbour Bex pleaded with the partygoers to call an ambulance.

This evening’s drama saw Louise tricked into thinking she was hosting a pyjama party, only for it to transpire that Madison and Alexandra had invited a houseful of schoolfriends.

But worse was to come when the evil girls started to spike Louise’s non-alcoholic cocktails with vodka. As the night progressed, Louise got more and more drunk, until she started throwing up on the floor as the callous Keegan filmed her distress on his mobile.

After realising that Madison and Alexandra didn’t care about the state of their friend, Travis headed over to the Fowler house to plead with Bex to come and help.

But as Bex dashed across the Square, she was greeted by the disturbing sight of Louise collapsing, her mouth flecked with blood. So will Louise pull through? Or will Madison and Alexandra end up being responsible for her untimely death?

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