Coronation Street: Sally confronts stalker sister Gina next week

How will her online troll explain her bullying behaviour?


Sally Metcalfe comes face to face with her stalker in next week’s Coronation Street – only she doesn’t realise it. As she reconnects with estranged sister Gina, Sal has no idea of the sinister truth behind the surprise Seddon family reunion. 


Troubled Gina stuns her sibling by turning up on the street on Monday and apologising for what she’s done. Livid Leah ushers her disturbed stepmum away before she can say any more, leaving Sally utterly bemused. Why has her sister arrived without warning? And what’s she sorry for? Rosie and Sophie look on as they conceal the truth that Gina is their mother’s internet troll…

Tracing Gina’s address from the electoral roll (the perks of working for the council), Sally and Tim pay her a visit in Wednesday’s episode and are shocked at the state of the place. How did it all go so wrong for Sal’s sis? 

Gina admits she’s been suffering with bipolar, and concerned Sally insists she and Leah come to Coronation Street and move in with the Metcalfes. 

Returning to the comfort of the cobbles with her new house guests, Sally is pleased with her act of selflessness, no doubt hoping it will do her approval rating the power of good.

But Rosie and Sophie are scared it’s only a matter of time before troubled Gina’s trolling will be exposed now they’re all under the same roof – will Sally discover she was tormented by her own flesh and blood? And could she forgive her daughters for covering it up?


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