Hollyoaks: Ste pleads not guilty to killing Amy – what happens next?

Courtroom twist rocks the Hollyoaks whodunit


The mystery of who killed Amy Barnes took a twist in tonight’s Hollyoaks as Ste Hay pleaded not guilty to the crime. 


Ste has been convinced he was responsible for his ex’s murder as he blacked out on the night she was found slain at her flat, just hours after her fairytale wedding to Ryan Knight.

Excessive past drug use has left Ste with partial brain damage making him (conveniently for the plot) prone to memory loss, and he’s been plagued by unsettling flashbacks of a violent confrontation with the mother of his kids that places him at the scene of the grisly event.

But Harry Thompson has been on a mission to persuade his boyfriend he could be experiencing ‘false memories’ and that the fevered flashbacks are unreliable. As Ste entered the courtroom in tonight’s episode ready to give his plea, desperate Harry created a distraction to delay proceedings and begged defence lawyer James Nightingale to get some time with the accused to talk him into changing his guilty plea.


Ste eventually began to recall the true events of that fateful night as he realised his recollections were altering – was his mind really playing tricks on him? The assembled court was aghast when he delivered his shock plea from the dock: “Not guilty…”

James’s face was a picture, but is that just because he thinks his client now faces a tougher road to prove his innocence or is he trying to somehow sabotage the case?


Later this week, riled Ryan rails at Harry for interfering in the case – does he have something to hide himself? Hollyoaks spring trailer showed an upcoming scene where Ryan is heard telling someone on the phone that no one can know “what he did to Amy.” Is he the killer?

And in tomorrow’s E4 instalment, Mercedes comes forward with new information that incriminates another villager – but who?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.