Coronation Street: Gary punches Nathan – but has he made things worse for Bethany?

Bethany looks set to be further alienated from her family following the showdown


Gary Windass has lashed out in tonight’s Coronation Street, decking sleazy Nathan Curtis during a heated confrontation.


In scenes just broadcast, a worried Gary and Sarah were seen making plans to have it out with Bethany’s boyfriend, only for events to take a surprising turn when they visited the tanning salon where Nathan works.

After ordering Bethany to come home, Nathan made a lewd remark about it being every man’s fantasy to sleep with both mother daughter, earning him a punch from Gary as a result.


The trouble is that the aftermath of the attack will see Nathan insisting that Bethany stays away from Gary, claiming that he’s clearly a dangerous man.

As Bethany hangs on his every word, a desperate Sarah resolves to make Bethany see what a creep Nathan is. But little do they realise that Nathan is confiding in Mel that it’s time to take the next step with Bethany…


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