Emmerdale: Adam is told that he can’t have children – here’s what happens next

Adam to seek solace in the arms of another villager following tonight's bombshell news


Adam’s plans to have children with Victoria have been dealt a blow in tonight’s Emmerdale thanks to him being told that he is sterile.


After having some private fertility tests done, Adam learned that there was no sperm in his semen as medical staff raised the possibility of him having Klinefelter Syndrome.

While Victoria was assured that she had a healthy reproductive system, Adam found out that he had an extra x chromosome, which means that his testosterone levels are not as they should be.

In the wake of the shock news, Adam will be seen hitting the bottle and clashing with Ronnie after the local builder grows concerned about his state of mind:

“Adam ends up taking his anger out on others, as Adam does. Ronnie is asking a lot of questions and Adam gives him a little shove,” says actor Adam Thomas. “In the end, though, they have a heart to heart. Adam doesn’t have that many friends in the village and he needs a manly figure to talk to.”

But more drama is to come next week when Adam once again locks lips with Vanessa while on a ‘break’ from his marriage to Victoria.

Upcoming episodes will see Victoria return Adam’s belongings to him when it looks like he’s given up on their relationship in the wake of the fertility bombshell.

Unhappy about this state of affairs, Adam then seeks solace with Vanessa and the pair spend the evening drinking and video games.

But events take a surprising turn when Adam leans in for a kiss – could they both be left feeling very regretful? And will they keep what’s happened a secret from Victoria?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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