Emmerdale: Adam and Vanessa get passionate – again!

But will the pair regret their actions?


History looks set to repeat itself in next week’s Emmerdale when Adam once again ends up in the arms of Vanessa.


The pair – who long-time viewers will remember had a dalliance back in 2015 – will lock lips while Adam is on a ‘break’ from his marriage to Victoria.

Upcoming episodes will see Victoria return Adam’s belongings to him when it looks like he’s given up on their relationship in the wake of a fertility bombshell.

Unhappy about this state of affairs, Adam then seeks solace with Vanessa and the pair spend the evening drinking and video games.

But events take a surprising turn when Adam leans in for a kiss – could they both be left feeling very regretful? And will they keep what’s happened a secret from Victoria?


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